When and Why You Would Involve a Criminal Defense Attorney in Family Matters

In law and legal matters, there are occasions that give rise to lawyers of separate practices crossing into different courts. The most common of these crossovers is criminal law into family court. If you want to know when and why family law attorneys and criminal defense attorneys would work together, keep reading, especially if you feel that it may apply to your situation.  Victims of Domestic Abuse Victims of domestic abuse would definitely seek the help of a criminal defense attorney, especially if the victims were to maim or kill their abusers.

Can You Keep a Child from Their Parent?

If you are going through a divorce, it is natural that you have many questions. When you have a child, the issue of divorce is even more complicated. Generally, the court does its best to ensure the child maintains a strong relationship with both parents. Of course, some parents going through a divorce would prefer to never see their ex-spouse again. Are you wondering if you should keep your child from a parent?