4 Tips For Going Through Family Mediation

Are you getting divorced and about to start the family mediation process? This is when you work with a mediator to come to agreements about finances, children, and other issues surrounding the divorce. The mediator isn't the person that will make decisions on what happens but provides you with the options that you have to pick from. The agreements made in mediation are legally binding, and the whole process is much more affordable than going to trial for litigation.

Having Trouble With Social Security? Why You Should Hire An Attorney

When you get on Social Security, you rely on those payments to get by. You can speak to a Social Security attorney whenever you are having trouble with your services, which may happen at any time. Here are reasons why you should hire a Social Security attorney when you're having issues with your services or receiving payments. Your case might get backlogged There are 64 million people on Social Security in America, and not every case with potential issues is gotten to right away.

What Is Felony Murder?

One of the most confusing aspects of criminal law is the felony murder rule. In fact, you can be convicted of felony murder without ever physically harming somebody with your own hands. Many people have faced and been convicted of felony murder in cases that would surprise you. Are you facing felony murder charges? There are a few things you need to know about your case. The Felony Murder Laws

Divorce And Your Career: 3 Things To Expect

The end of a marriage can be devastating in many ways. While you may know about the emotional devastation you are in for when going through a divorce, you probably aren't prepared for the ways a divorce can affect your career. Prepare yourself now so that you can successfully navigate your work situation when going through a divorce in the future. 1. Increase in PTO Use Divorce proceedings can require a lot of logistical arrangements.

Do You Have a Chance Winning a Child Custody Case?

If you currently do not have custody of your young children but feel that you could provide a better and safer environment for them, you might have thoughts running through your head about fighting for them. To fight to get custody, you will need a good lawyer to handle your child custody case, and you may want to talk to the lawyer first about your chances with winning the case.