When And How To Broach The Prenuptial Agreement Topic

A prenuptial agreement can prevent many disagreements, but many fear discussing it with their partners. Below are tips to help you bring up the topic with your partner. 

Start Early

Broach the subject early to give your partner time to make a rational decision. Ideally, you should start talking about the topic even before your engagement. Your partner might feel pressured if you start discussing prenups after the engagement or close the wedding. You don't want them agreeing to the prenup to keep the wedding on track.

Choose a Good Time

Choose a time when both of you are calm and well-rested. Good timing allows you to get a true response from your partner. For example, you should not bring up the topic during an argument. Your partner might take the prenup as part of the argument and become defensive.

Understand Prenups

You shouldn't talk about what you don't understand. You don't have to know everything about the prenup. Your lawyer will help you with the legal details later. However, you should have an accurate idea of the agreement. Therefore, research the topic so you don't present erroneous ideas to your partner.

Explain Your Intentions

Many people have misconceptions about prenups. For example, your partner might think you want a prenup because you don't trust them. Prepare to talk about your intentions and the benefits of a prenup. Your partner may be more amenable to the idea if they understand your honest and honorable intentions.

Keep Your Cool

The distrust and misconnections about prenups mean some people react emotionally when their partners start talking about the agreement. Your partner might become angry, withdrawn, or hurt when you first start talking about a prenup. Do your best to keep your cool because you won't solve much if both of you lose it.

Have an Open Mind

Have an open mind about the discussion just as you expect your partner to have an open mind. Avoid a know-it-all attitude because, most likely, you don't know everything about prenup. Listen to your partner's suggestions or objections and discuss them rationally. You don't have to agree to everything, but you can at least listen to them.

Consult a Lawyer

Approach the prenup issue as a collaborative project that requires both your involvements. Consult a lawyer together to get the legal angle of a prenup. Use the legal consultation as a continuation of your private discussions. Prepare some notes and questions for the lawyer during the consultation.

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