How Long Will Your Divorce Mediation Take?

Mediation is a way to get through legal dealings more easily and with reduced costs. Divorce is one of the legal issues in which you can go through mediation. Divorce mediation helps both parties have a say in the terms of their divorce and helps speed up the process. However, the amount of time it takes to finalize the divorce will depend on several factors.

Here are some things that can affect divorce mediation.


If you have children, getting a divorce can become more difficult. Mediation will not only include your typical divorce terms but also will include child support and custody negotiations. Do not rush through this part of your mediation, as you want to get this part of your divorce right. It can take some time to negotiate these important parts of your divorce.

High Net Worth

If you have a lot of money and assets, mediation can take longer. When you have a lot of assets to go through, such as property, money, or tangible high-value assets, you have to go through each and every one. It can take time to do this. The higher your net worth, the longer the mediation can take.

Outside Negotiations

Your relationship and your ability to work out issues between yourselves can also impact the time you need for mediation. If you can both deal with more of the less intense parts of your divorce without mediation, your mediation can be greatly decreased. For instance, if one of you wants the family vacation home and you want the main family home, and you both agree to that, just include this in your mediation notes. You then can spend time in your mediation working on the other parts of your divorce.

Personal Issues

Divorce mediation can be held up simply by personal issues you and your spouse may have with each other. If you both are unable to properly negotiate, one or both of you have argumentative personalities, or you cannot come to an agreement, your mediation will last longer. In cases where couples can be more amicable and easily agree on different points, the mediation will not take as long.

Mediation is an ideal way to get a divorce, but it is not without its challenges. You still need to work with a qualified attorney to represent your interests during the process. If something happens and the mediation suddenly is not working out, your attorney may suggest you begin a more traditional divorce process to help you all move on.