Accident Settlements That Happen Sooner Rather Than Later

It's not always necessary to take a careless driver and their insurer to court to be paid what you deserve. There are several key points in the accident claim process that needs to be noted and taken advantage of when it comes to settling a case. Read on to find out what it means to settle your case before your court judgment has a chance to be handed down.

Legal Help: See a Personal Injury Lawyer

It's important not to try and deal with injuries, evidence, insurers, and accident claim negotiations on your own. Personal injury lawyers understand the process and have the skills to get you the compensation you need and deserve. Speak to a lawyer about your case before you make a costly error.

Get the Money You Need Using a Letter

After your personal injury lawyer takes a look at your case, one of their first moves will be to send the other side a letter. The demand letter is a common way lawyers let the at-fault driver and their insurer know how things are about to proceed. You will be informing them of your damages like your medical bills and more and also asking to be paid a certain sum of money that will cover everything. It's understood that you intend to take them to court if they don't comply. Usually, this letter begins the negotiations.

Let Them Know About Your Court Case

If the demand letter doesn't work, a lawsuit is filed and trial preparations begin. Discovery means full disclosure of all the evidence expected to be presented at the trial. It's also an excellent second (or third or fourth) chance for the other side to take note of what they are facing and attempt to make another offer. Many times, discovery actions prompt the other side to make you an offer that is acceptable at last.

One particular part of discovery packs a punch, and that is the deposition. If there is a single discovery action that is almost like a courtroom experience, it's this. The deposition consists of witness testimony from the victim, eye-witnesses, medical professionals, and more. For instance, you might have a vocational expert testify that you won't be able to work again and you might have earned a certain sum of money if you had not been hit by the other driver. This meeting can be a powerful sign of what is to come during the trial and may prompt renewed efforts at a settlement.

Speak to a personal injury attorney to find out more.