Having Trouble With Social Security? Why You Should Hire An Attorney

When you get on Social Security, you rely on those payments to get by. You can speak to a Social Security attorney whenever you are having trouble with your services, which may happen at any time. Here are reasons why you should hire a Social Security attorney when you're having issues with your services or receiving payments.

Your case might get backlogged

There are 64 million people on Social Security in America, and not every case with potential issues is gotten to right away. If you need your Social Security issues to be managed right away, then you want to hire a Social Security attorney to represent you. Having legal counsel may help move your backlogged case along and get you in touch with the right representatives who can properly assist you.

Your case might get denied

If you are new to Social Security, know this: the majority of Social Security applications — up to 70% — get denied during their initial status. This means you have the odds against you when it comes to filing and getting the money you need. If you are in the middle of paperwork or have just begun the process of filing for Social Security, hire a Social Security attorney to assist you.

The biggest reason for Social Security application denial is paperwork that was filed incorrectly. Hiring a Social Security attorney to fill out your paperwork for you and help you file efficiently will be your best bet against the initial denial of your application and can lead to getting your money more rapidly.

You might be wrongly denied

Are you trying to get the Social Security benefits of a breadwinner who has passed away and you are being denied? Do you have a valid reason to begin collecting Social Security for yourself and you want answers as to why you are being kept from your funds? If you are being wrongly denied either due to a misunderstanding of your case, not being in touch with the right individuals who can assist you, or other reasons, then you need to hire a Social Security attorney to take over your case and help reverse your Social Security denial before your financial situation becomes dire.

When you hire a Social Security attorney, you'll pay a retainer to them. This allows them to legally represent you and protect your case. Costs vary for this type of attorney depending on your situation and how much work needs to go into your case to resolve your Social Security issues.