Divorce And Your Career: 3 Things To Expect

The end of a marriage can be devastating in many ways. While you may know about the emotional devastation you are in for when going through a divorce, you probably aren't prepared for the ways a divorce can affect your career.

Prepare yourself now so that you can successfully navigate your work situation when going through a divorce in the future.

1. Increase in PTO Use

Divorce proceedings can require a lot of logistical arrangements. You will need to meet with your attorney to discuss your options, counsel with an accountant or financial planner, and attend court hearings while finalizing your divorce.

Since most of the professionals you will be working with offer their services during business hours, you will have to make time in your own work schedule to handle your affairs. This usually means an increase in the amount of paid time off (PTO) that is used.

Start planning for this in advance of filing your divorce paperwork by saving as much PTO as possible to ensure you don't compromise your income when taking time off work to handle divorce-related tasks.

2. Increase in Hours Worked

Although time off will be needed to coordinate your divorce, you will likely find yourself working extra hours on a regular basis while you are going through the divorce process. A divorce can be costly, and you will need to be prepared to pay for the services of the professionals that will help you through your divorce.

Taking on extra hours at work or securing a second job can give you the additional income you need to manage your divorce with ease.

3. Re-Entry Into the Workforce

A divorce can mean big changes for a stay-at-home spouse or a spouse who is underemployed. Once the divorce is complete, you will be required to support yourself on the income you generate — without access to your former spouse's income.

Your attorney can help you determine how much you can expect to receive in alimony or child support payments, but you will probably need to secure a full-time job to help cover basic living expenses.

Prepare yourself for re-entry into the workforce by taking some refresher courses in office management or enrolling in an educational program designed to create a career path.

A divorce will turn your life upside down. Work with an attorney, like those at Bray & Johnson Law Firm, to ensure that you minimize the effect your divorce will have on your career by securing the financial support you are entitled to.