3 Legal Ways To End Your Marriage

The day-to-day challenges of being married simply prove to be too much for some couples. When the disagreements are more a part of the union than being content, you may want to get a divorce. This can be an awkward transition, but it may be your only option for having a peaceful life. If you aren't familiar with the various options for divorce, learning some of the more common ways to end your marriage can be helpful.

Uncontested divorce

Choosing an uncontested divorce may be your best option if this is possible. The requirements for this divorce include both spouses being agreeable to it. 

Some of the advantages of selecting an uncontested divorce include being able to resolve the marriage in a faster fashion and having to pay fewer legal fees. It is common for the couple to agree on the property division, making things much less stressful.

Contested divorce

On the other hand, if one of the spouses wants to end the marriage and the other one does not, it may be necessary to choose a contested divorce. This type of divorce will take much longer to achieve in some cases, and the legal fees can be extensive.

The contested divorce is typically one that evokes a great deal of negative emotions between the spouses, and this can result in a long court battle. Additionally, since your case will usually go to court, it will be on public record for others to see.

At-fault divorce

If you have evidence that shows your spouse is responsible for the end of the long-term union, you can select an at-fault divorce. This will enable the court to grant your divorce for you because of wrongful actions by your partner due to no fault of your own.

Listed below are some of the common reasons an at-fault divorce is sought:

1. Adultery – If your spouse has engaged in sexual intimacy with another person.

2. Incarceration – When a crime has been committed and your spouse must spend time in jail.

3. Abuse – If you've been physically harmed by your spouse.

Getting a divorce can be a stressful time in life and the key to making it less challenging is by choosing the best way to end your union based on your individual circumstance. Be sure to consult with a divorce attorney to assist you through this stage of life when necessary.