What If You Are Charged With Neglect And Endangerment Of Your Children?

If you are being charged with neglect and endangerment of your children and want to get your kids back, you will need to hire a good criminal defense attorney from a firm like Medeiros & Associates. When kids are living in situations that may be harmful or dangerous to them, the legal system in this country has the right and obligation to take these children out of their environments. If you want another chance with your kids, there may be a few things you will need to do.

Complete Your Punishment

This particular criminal charge may be brought against you as a felony or a misdemeanor, and you might face prison time for it. If you are sentenced to prison, there will be nothing you can do at this time to get your kids back. You will have to serve your sentence and then determine what to do when you are released.

If you do not receive a prison sentence for your crime, you will probably receive other punishments. A common punishment is probation. In addition, your kids will probably be living with a relative or foster family during this time. You may receive visitation rights, but they will probably be supervised.

If you are placed on probation, you might be able to complete the requirements the court issued to you as consequences for the crime you committed. If so, you will need to complete these things if you want to get your kids back.

Complete Your Requirements

There are several different requirements you may need to complete before you will have a chance getting your children back. One of these might involve drug and alcohol rehabilitation. If you are struggling with either type of addiction, the court will not allow you to have your children around you until you have dealt with the issue and fixed it.

A second requirement you may have to meet is taking parenting classes. If you placed your children in situations that were unsafe, the court will want to make sure that you learn better parenting skills, and this is what parenting classes are for.

You may also have to attend counseling for a certain amount of time before the court will consider giving you legal custody of your kids.

Courts take child-related crimes very seriously, yet each case is treated uniquely. If you are facing charges like this right now, you will need a good lawyer, and you will need to do everything the court tells you to do. To learn more about child-related criminal charges, contact a criminal defense attorney today.